"No one should miss out on this series. It sticks with you long after the final page is turned." Jenn, Completelybooksessed.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"Novak skillfully spins his tale in a manner that allows the reader to understand and empathize with his protagonists and keeps the reader engaged in the narrative from the opening paragraph to the final lines. " Steven Bergson, UJA-Greater Toronto, (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"What you don't expect are those singing moments of poetry, of beauty, and the life lessons woven behind every chapter. Novak isn't just trying to tell you a fantastic adventure story. Novak is trying to teach you something about himself, and, by extension, something about you. " MJ Heiser, mjheiser.blogspot.com CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"Novak is a great writer that can keep his readers engaged." Jami, yaaddict.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"I’m surprised with this book. Really surprised. I expected to like it, but what I didn’t expect was staying up till twelve PM to franticly finish the book. I thought “just one more chapter” about 66 times." Bethany, owlreviewabook.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"There are moments along their journey, and even before it starts, where you simply want to cry for these children and what they go through. There are also those moments where you will find yourself cheering them along. " Christine M. Butler, moonlitreviews.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"I didn't want to put it down. It reminded me a lot of The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis, which was pretty awesome. " Rae, Mesmeric-revelation.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"What struck me about Fathers and Sons is that each character, hero and villain, human or otherwise, is so clearly drawn (Mr. Novak is an illustrator of exceptional talent)that I was able to connect with them. Family is an important theme in this action-packed story, with both good and bad aspects getting equal share. " James McShane, Aarvarkian.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)


"You'll be deeply unsettled by the way this ends, I promise you that, and you'll be salivating, grunting, and groaning, and cursing Novak for not having released book 3 already." MJ Heiser, mjheiser.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"The third book in the Forts trilogy better come out soon. Or I am going to kick a baby. Not kidding. " Bethany, owlreviewabook.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"All my favorite old characters were there (I may have cried during a scene involving King Wallcot) as well as some amazing new characters. " Jenn Ladd, completelybooksessed.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)

"It is a "can't put down, not even for sleep," book about adventure, courage, violence, and laughter. " Amanda Welling, hippiesbeautyandbooksohmy.blogspot.com (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW)