TOMMY JARVIS: The first born son of, Christopher and Megan Jarvis, fourteen year old, Tommy has spent the years since his mothers death wading neck deep in a situation from which he doesn't believe he'll ever wiggle free. He has distanced himself from the world and there remains only two things he cares about - his drawings and his little brother. Content to remain an outsider in the game of life, circumstance and fate soon make it clear, in no uncertain terms, that they have entirely different plans.
STACI ALEXANDER : At one time in her life, Staci considered her next-door neighbor, Tommy Jarvis to be her best friend. Unfortunately, somber situations and the passage of time have pulled the pair apart. Though she's moved on, Staci hasn't successfully set aside her feelings. At night her neighbor's house can be noisy. Sometimes she can even hear his screams. When a moment of kindness pulls her back into lives of the Jarvis family, Staci finds herself caught in the middle of a situation that makes absolutely no sense and she is ill equipped to handle.
NICKY JARVIS : After the death of his mother, young Nicky Jarvis folded into himself and had no plans of ever emerging. Once a bright-eyed boy with an eternal smile, all that remains in his life is his older brother - and even, Tommy seems to be drifting further and further away. Having not spoken in over two years, Nicky has become, quite literally trapped inside himself. Soon though, his silence will be tested. At only eleven years of age he will find himself at a point where the act of simply opening up could mean the difference between life and death.
DONALD RONDAGE: Donald has spent the entirety of his young life playing the role of the local bully, and he's played it quite well. For as long as he can remember, Donald has been at odds with, Tommy Jarvis, though truthfully, neither understands why. Behind his bravado and cockiness, there is another side to Donald - a side he wants no one to see. Face to face with the terrifying and the unbelievable, Donald finds his beliefs threatened, his loyalties tested, and his true self revealed.
OWEN LITTLE : Owen simply wants to be left alone. He wants to spend his time with his books and his studies, and prefers to observe the world from afar - to study it as a scientist might. His father doesn't understand him and the children at school think he's weird. As it has the whole of his young life, it is this very inquisitiveness that gets him into trouble. Thrust into a situation he cannot catalog, record or make sense of, Owen is forced to pull from reserves he doesn't believe he has, and become something he's not sure he can.
PLEEBO: When the dark army of the Tyrant King murdered his parents long ago, Pleebo's sole purpose in life became the safety of his sister, his grandfather, and the rest of the refugees forced to relocate to the hidden city of Tipoloo. Ignoring the fact that his race is nonviolent by nature, Pleebo is willing to set aside those ancient traditions when necessary and fight for what little he has left. His faith, his family and all he holds dear will soon be tested. When push comes to shove, will he be capable of doing what needs to be done?
ROUSTAF : Little Roustaf is the last surviving member of his race. Standing a mere six inches tall, the tiny man with his red skin, nearly transparent wings, and bushy handlebar mustache is as gruff and crusty as they come. He's seen his share of death and it's left him jaded, sarcastic, and overly temperamental. When the arrival of five children from a faraway land brings an ancient prophecy into light once again, Roustaf is less than enthusiastic. Promises are made to be broken after all. In fact, that's what promises do best.
WALCOTT SHELLAMENNES : Sent into hiding some time ago by those fearing for his safety, the King of Tycaria has spent many years moving from place to place, trying desperately to remain alive. Once the bravest to wear the crown, Walcott's life is barely an echo of what it once was. This however, is about to change. Fate is set to offer him a second chance - an opportunity to gain back his honor and avenge those that have fallen in the name of war. It is an opportunity the once proud king is determined to not let slip from his fingers.
FELLOW UNDERGOTTEN : He began his life as a humble builder - barely a violent bone in his body. The war and the dark armies of the Tyrant King have taken so very much from, Fellow Undergotten. Having spent most of his adult life in hiding, Fellow was captured and thrown into the prison of a brash, young Prince. It is here - dying and trapped among the stone and steel - that, Fellow imagines he will breathe his final breaths. While it would have been a simple ending, fate is anything but simple and, Fellow Undergotten is in store for much more.
KRYSTOPH : When those he trusted and revered above all others tossed him aside, the former Ochan general, Krystoph vowed revenge. He has since spent the whole of his life since in pursuit of that very goal. Wading neck deep in the waters of his self-imposed prison, Krystoph finds without a home. He is a killer living, and hunting, and seeking solace among the shadows of a past he wishes he could forget. For Krystoph there are no allegiances and there is no good or evil. For Krystoph there is only pain and vengeance - feelings he understands far too well.
NESTOR ROCKSHELL : One could scarcely hope to find a more loyal or dedicated soldier than the Tycarian warrior, Nestor Rockshell. When the dark army of Ocha invaded his world and systematically dismantled the forces of, King Walcott Shellamennes, Nestor and a select few banded together and headed into the mountains to continue their fight for freedom. Reunited with his former king, Nestor finds himself with a new mission - the safety of the children of the Fillagrou prophecy. In a world without hope, they are all that remain. He will not fail them.
TAHNJA : Watching as everyone she loved was brutally murdered before her eyes by the armies of the Tyrant King, Tahnja could scarcely find a reason to continue living. That is, until now. The introduction of the children of the prophecy, as well as her budding relationship with Roustaf has changed all of that. Now she has a reason to go on, a reason to fight, and a reason to keep from dying. For, Tahnja this battle is less about vengeance and more about a future she never thought possible, with a significant other she didn't think existed.
CAPTAIN JAQUES FLUUFFYTAIL : As the captain of the last sea-worthy ship (just barely) to sail the dark waters of the ocean world known as Aquari, Jaques Fluuffytail (pronounced Floo-Fee-Tall) is as defiant and nasty as they come. The foul-mouthed curmudegons' reason for going on is simple - to annoy the Ochans. Frustration is his game and he plays it well. His ship is old - mere moments from tearing apart at the seams, and his crew even older. None of it matters, though. The "damn green-skins" will never catch him. He has too much work left to do.
ZANELL : Growing up in a world ravaged by war, Zanell found heself left with very little to count on. It was her older brother, Pleebo, that helped her through those darkest of days. Shortly after the death of her grandfather, Zanell discovers that she's inherited his remarkable gift. Bestowed with the powers of the "elders," Zanell can see the universe for what it truly is. She knows all there is to know because she has seen all there is to see. She understands the point of her existence and the surprising truth behind the suddenly appearance of, Tommy Jarvis and his friends.
ARTHUR CRUMBEE III : Having spent his entire life burined in the quantifiable worlds of the sciences, Arthur Crumbee was more shocked than most when the dark army of, the Tyrant King emerged from nowhere and laid waste to his world. With all things constructed of reason and logic erased, Arthur must find a way to come to terms with the unexplainable, and no creature he's ever encountered will test his adaptability more than the blond-haired child, young Tommy Jarvis.
ASOP : For eons, Asop's ancient race has preferred to remain a neutral party in the issues of the world above. They are watchers and nothing more - content to let the problems of others, remain exactly that - until now. The light of a single child proves the catalyst needed to drag his people from the shadows of inaction and into the very heart of a war that has taken the lives of so very many. With the tide of battle beginning to turn, the question suddenly becomes: will they be enough?